A Father’s “Paddle for Strength”

200 Mile Paddle Board to Raise Awareness and Fund Research for Nemaline Myopathy

Rich Wygand is a father, husband, RW Coaching founder and former professional Ironman triathlete. In July 2016, his first child, Luke, was born with a rare genetic disorder causing severe muscle weakness called Nemaline Myopathy (NM). Rich’s son’s condition was totally unexpected and he has endured more in his first year of life than most do in a lifetime. He has already spent over 130 days in the hospital. With your help, we can make a huge impact on Luke’s life, and all those affected by Nemaline Myopathy.


  • What: Paddle Boarding
  • Where: Lake Worth Beach to Key West, Florida
  • How Far: 200 miles!
  • How Long: Under 50 hours
  • When: February  2nd, 2018 (depending on weather conditions)
  • Training Support: Evolution Fitness Wellington with Alex and RW Coaching, for endurance
  • Stops: just 1, if needed, around halfway mark, only for a few hours
  • Media: Weekly videos on YouTube, updates on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter from RW Coaching, Luke Wygand, A Foundation Building Strength and on rwcoaching.net and goLukeWygand.com.


  1. Paddle boarding requires full body strength and balance, and this is one of the greatest physical challenges for Luke.
  2. It requires a lot of core, and Rich says that strength comes from the core, making this the perfect sport.
  3. Rich and Luke are from the horoscope sign Cancer – energized by water.
  4. A unique way to raise awareness about NM
  5. Rich is a former pro Ironman triathlete and wanted to do something different than swim/bike/run to challenge him and at the same time require more strength.

Rich hopes to empower Luke and show him that life is limitless.

Show your support and donate to the cause at https://paddlingforstrength.com/

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