Fitness in the Keys…Eating Heathy during the Holidays

Tips for Eating Healthy During the Holidays

The most wonderful time of the year can also seem like the most daunting time of the year if you are trying to lose weight. Eating right can be a challenge on any given day, but November and December definitely ‘take the cake.’ First there is left over Halloween candy, then there are left over thanksgiving dishes, then the break rooms seems to be a never ending spread of Christmas cookies. And on top of that, your family is in town and you’ve been invited to a Holiday Party every weekend!


Here are a few helpful tips to stay in shape this season and with practice, throughout the whole year.

Don’t skip meals. When you skip a meal you are more likely to binge and eat too much during the next one. Eating several smaller meals throughout the day is not only healthier for your digestion system and your endocrine system, (hormones) it will keep you more satisfied and less likely to crave foods or overeat. If you are trying to save calories, it is better to eat a lighter meal, but not skip on eating all together.

Eat before you go. When heading out to a dinner party, especially when you know you will have to wait quite some time before actually eating (and isn’t that always the case?) Have a light meal or snack before you go. A great option is a smoothie with greens, berries, and protein powder. That way you know for sure you are getting some nutritious food in your body, just in case the options are lacking.

holiday-2Bring a healthy dish. When attending a potluck, prepare a healthy, low fat dish to share. That way there will be something you can fill your plate with that’s low in calories. Rest assured, there will be plenty of unhealthy options you will still need to navigate your way through. And you may even be thanked by fellow conscious eaters in the group trying just as hard as you to stay in shape.

Watch your liquid intake. By this I mean two things. Drink plenty of water. (2 glasses per every 1 of alcohol) This will help flush out toxins and regulate the body. And avoid sugary beverages. Alcoholic or non. Sugar adds unnecessary, “empty” calories (and lots of them!) with absolutely zero nutritional value. It’s bad for your liver, your pancreas, and its highly addictive. That’s why once you start eating sweets, it’s hard to stop. Okay maybe this tip should be “Watch your sugar intake” which I know is really hard this time of year, but remember the less sugar you eat or drink, the better off you are and the less calories you are consuming.


Schedule time for exercise. Seriously, make it happen. I know your brother and sister-in-law are in town, and your daughter is in the holiday play, and you’re so behind at work, and it gets dark out at 530pm, and you’re exhausted, and you’ve got to make dinner, and a million other things. I know. It’s tough. But the best way to stave off those holiday pounds is by working out. If you don’t have 45 minutes to spend at the gym, do two 15-minute quick sessions. Get your heart pumping, get some sweat dripping, and do something to burn off some calories. Don’t just say “oh, I’ve got to do that at some point today.” Schedule it! Make a plan and stick to it. Wake up early. Take time during lunch break and then sip a pre-made protein smoothie for lunch to save time. Bring your gym clothes with you and go right after work and before you get home.


Here is one last helpful tip: Find a reason. What motivates you towards your goal of how you want to look or feel? Keep that thought close and think of it every time you feel tempted or discouraged. And don’t be too hard on yourself. Remember, it takes 500 calories a day or 3,500 a week to gain or lose one pound. One piece of pie is not the make or break. Healthy eating is making conscious decisions throughout the day, every day. Make healthy eating choices a habit.

Feature written by Seychelle-Ocean Child, Professional Standup Paddleboarder, SUP Yogi, Adventurer

I was born and raised in the Florida Keys and have always had a deep connection to the water. I am an internationally competitive SUP racer and current long distance World Record holder in SUP. I began teaching Yoga on standup paddleboards in 2013. With my extensive knowledge of the sport of SUP and 13 years studying Yoga, I have developed a unique curriculum for teaching safe and FUN yoga classes on the water. I also lead SUP Fitness and Private SUP coaching lessons for beginner to advanced paddlers, as well as lead SUP Yoga teacher trainings. My classes on and off the board are a blend of the diverse styles I have practiced and a journey to cultivate strength, energy, balance, and bliss within our bodies.

I am passionate about life, fitness, nutrition, love, and being happy. I believe that anything is possible. My mantra is “Breathe and Smile”

It is my life’s dream to share this adventure with you.

Blessings and Gratitude,


Seychelle 7