Fitness in the Keys…Fitness for Couples

Benefits of working out together

Even though you and your partner might be at different fitness levels and have different goals, you can still successfully work out together, and there are plenty of reasons why you should give it a try:

  1. Middle aged healthy couple at gymSafetyWith someone around to watch your form or spot you while you lift weights, you’ll exercise with more safety. And, if you prefer exercising outside by running, cycling, kayaking or doing other activities, then you’ll always have someone around to watch your back and help you in the event of accident or injury.

  2. Quality time – Between work, family and other obligations, couples often have trouble finding time to be together. Rather than hit the gym alone, plan to workout at a time that fits both your schedules.

  3. Motivation and support – by working out together, you can cheer one another on, rejoice in each other’s accomplishments and help each other stay consistent and accountable.
  4. Common interest – you can never have too much in common with your partner. By adding exercise to your list of common interests, you open up the possibility of adding endlessly fun and unique new activities to your lives.
  5. Balance – typically, one partner may favor one thing like cardio while the other prefers something else like strength training. By working out together and taking turns enjoying each other’s preferences, you can add greater balance to your fitness routine.

Accommodating each other’s differences

There are many ways that you can exercise as a couple while accommodating each other’s differences.  Consider doing cardio classes like indoor cycling that allow you to work out together but at your own pace.  Another option is side-by-side cardio. Most fitness centers have designated areas for cardio machines. Pick two machines next to each other and each of you can exercise at your own level.

Couple stretching on pilates equipmentWhen strength training, take turns between sets with one person recovering while the other lifts. A few other suggestions include stretching together and enjoying a multitude of outdoor activities together like running, cycling, hiking, boating, swimming, and playing sports like tennis.

One last suggestion – don’t forget to compromise!  Be willing to try each other’s ideas and suggestions. Make it fun and make it a habit.  You’ll find that your relationship benefits as each of you have more energy, more strength and greater self-confidence.

Thanks Cornerstone Clubs and author Theresa Whitcomb.