Happy Hour “Cheeca’s Blueberry Mojito”

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere… in this edition of Happy Hour we will be featuring: The Blueberry Mojito from Cheeca Lodge.

Mojitos are one of those drinks that are just synonymous with island life. When it comes to cool, refreshing, tropical-weather cocktails, there are few things that rival this iconic drink.

It is no surprise that the Mojito is a bit of a staple in the Florida Keys. With Cuban culture having a pervasive influence throughout southeastern Florida, it seems most fitting that a drink that originated in Havana has made a home for itself in the Florida Keys.

Traditional mojitos are typically made with five ingredients: white rum, sugar, lime juice, sparkling water, and mint. Different variations of the classic have popped up all over Florida and around the country. For example, a “Dirty Mojito” trades in white rum for spiced rum muddying the appearance of the original drink. The dirty version also uses brown sugar syrup, mint, soda and a familiar Florida Keys ingredient, key limes.

One variation of the mojito that Islamorada visitors have come to know and love is the Blueberry Mojito from the famous Cheeca Lodge. While many elements of a traditional mojito remain the same, the Cheeca lodge version substitutes blueberry vodka for the white rum and also adds fresh blueberries to the drink. This drink still has the refreshing flavors that mojitos are known for, but with a fruity twist.

The lime comes through allowing just enough sour to balance out the sweetness of the drink. Depending on if you like your cocktails on the sweeter or more bitter side, the lovely bartender will be happy to customize your mojito to your liking. The blueberry flavor is subtle, yet noticeably makes this unlike any other mojito you have tried before. Coolness comes two-fold starting with a generous helping of muddled mint followed by ice shaken to bring the whole concoction down to a chilly temp. Garnished with fresh blueberries and sugar cane straws, it’s flavor can only be described in the way we would describe Islamorada itself: lively and refreshing with a coolness that sneaks up on you and makes you never want to leave… or put your drink down.

For more information about The Cheeca Lodge visit www.cheeca.com or call toll free at 800-327-2888.