Islamorada from Above

It’s no wonder photographers love the Keys. Islamorada and the surrounding areas have an endless amount of stunning subjects, vivid colors and natural beauty that make photographing the islands fun. Our Instagram account is a window to some of the best amateur and professional photography of Islamorada.

With the advances in technology, anyone can now grab a half decent photo with their iPhone and edit it to make the colors pop. But new technology has also advanced options for photographers in the form of aerial photography.

Drones have been a trendy, buzzword item in recent years due to their increase in popularity. Photographers who have figured out how to use these devices have delivered some of the coolest and most unique shots we’ve seen of the Keys!

Here are some of the best bird’s eye view photos we’ve seen of the Florida Keys. It is cool to recognize distinctive area and landmarks from a whole different perspective, and these photos capture some of those favorite spots in a whole new way.

2004 Alligator Reef
The Alligator Lighthousee
Cheeca Lodge pool from the air 2004
The Pool at Cheeca Lodge

Founders 1

Founders Park

Anglers reef 1

Angler’s Reef


The Islamorada Sandbar


Indian Key


The Sport Fishing Capital of the World

Cover photo provided by @keystime42

Sandbar photos provided by Jessie Rodriquez