Islamorada Sandbar

The famous Islamorada sandbar is located less than a mile offshore around Mile Marker 84 on the Atlantic Ocean side, just off the Postcard Inn and Holiday Isles Marina. Very popular in the summer months, especially on holiday weekends, you will see hundreds of boats gather to create a huge party on the water.  Because the water is shallow on the sandbar, you will see lounge chairs, barbecue grills, picnic table, umbrellas, all submersed in the water.  The sandbar is a great spot for all ages, and even welcomes our four legged friends.

One of Islamorada’s best treasures, the sandbar is only accessible by water. Transportation is by boats, wave runners, kayaks, and paddleboards. There are companies that specialize in taking your group to the biggest party on water.

This spectacular Ariel photo of the Islamorada Sandbar come compliment of Jesse Rodriguez.