Islamorada’s UFO House

Opinions seem to be split in regards to Islamorada’s only UFO/Spaceship house. The one of a kind structure designed and built back in 1978 by Miami architect Peter Vander Klout has some folks thinking it is an Islamorada landmark and should be preserved, while others feel it is an eyesore and should be torn down. 

UFo house 2

Several were built in different parts of the country, but only a few remain standing today. The structure is designed with a circular concrete frame with all rooms overlooking a pool in the center. It is believed to be able to withstand a category five hurricane.

Ufo house

Since being abandoned some years back, vandals have made their way inside and have destroyed and spray painted most of the interior.  Some of the neighbors would like to see it knocked down and see a new home put in its place, especially since it is located on a beautiful corner lot on the Snake Creek in the Venetian Shores development.

ufo 4

Last sold in 2012 for 950,000, the land value alone is closer to 1.6 million, but it is not for sale. The plans for the structure or the lot are unknown at this time. Islamorada has some pretty strict building codes which would only allow improving the home on its existing footprint, which may be difficult considering its round shape, or knocking the home down and applying for a permit to construct a new home, which would involve getting on a waiting list.

One way to get a glimpse of the structure is by boat at the foot of the Snake Creek Bridge, which connects Plantation Key to Windley Key.  Another way to get a peek, and the preferred option of Islamorada Times, is to visit Smugglers Cove Resort and Marina, grab one of your favorite cocktails at the Buoy Bar (their outdoor bar located at the mouth of the Marina, with Spectacular views of the Snake Creek) and view the UFO house across the channel.

UFO House 4

Some images and content provided by Abandoned Florida