A Look Back at Bloodline and some of the Filming Locations

Netflix original programming has only been getting better in recent years. With everything from scripted series to documentaries and feature length films, the entertainment company has zeroed in on quality storytelling and a buzzworthy marketing strategy to build hype around it’s own content. While their original programs run aplenty these days, one of the first (and our personal favorites) to come from Netflix is of course Bloodline – a family/crime drama that takes place right here in Islamorada, FL.

While the series has wrapped, you can still watch all 3 seasons on Netflix and check out the spots around town that graced the silver screen as the location for the fictional story. We challenge you to try and identify as many spots as you can while you’re watching! But, if you’re interested in taking a self-guided tour around town or just want a short cut, we’ll give you the scoop on some of the Bloodline locations where the show filmed and where stars could be spotted around our little island.

Moorings Village & Spa

Photo Credit: Twitter/@FilmFlorida

Probably the most obvious or identifiable location on the show because of its frequent screen time is The Moorings Village & Spa. The Blue Charlotte House is the largest of the villas at the resort and served as the Rayburn House – the family run inn which is the epicenter of many dramatic moments and sources of conflict in the show.

Robbie’s Marina

Photo Credit: Netflix

So much of Bloodline’s plot naturally occurs on the water, out in the mangroves, in marinas, and on boats. It’s central to the happenings of many points of the crime and tragedies that occur on the show. With boats of every variety and ample dock space, our pals at Robbie’s of Islamorada got their fair share of screen time for small boat and marina scenes throughout the show.

The Stretch

Photo Credit: Netflix

You’ll hit one of the infamous Bloodline scenes just on your way to Islamorada. “The Stretch” a length of highway that leads from Homestead into Key Largo, can be seen in the opening shots of Bloodline. As you cruise down this beautiful road you will be able to not only take in the beautiful views but also be welcomed into paradise by the same scene that introduced viewers in to the Rayburn’s hometown and the world of Bloodline.

The Caribbean Club

Photo Credit: Netflix

Famous in its own right, Key Largo’s Caribbean Club got even more notoriety as the local haunt for one of the main characters of the show, Danny Rayburn. The Caribbean Club rose to fame as the inspiration behind the Humphrey Bogart & Lauren Bacall film, Key Largo. It reprises its historical significance in the Netflix-era by being a significant filming location in the series.

Anne’s Beach & Long Key State Park

Photo Credit: ew.com

Many of the shows kayaking or beach scenes were shot at one of two local parks – Anne’s Beach & Long Key State Park. Both boast incredibly blue, shallow water and provide the perfect backdrop to show audiences not only how beautiful the Keys are, but also the activities and lifestyles of many of the characters. Patriarch of the show, who is played by the late Sam Shepard, was seen kayaking at Anne’s beach many times. With Anne’s beach recently refurbished and reopened post Hurricane Irma, both parks are worth a stop even if you’re not a fan of the show.

These Bloodline filming locations in Islamorada and the surrounding Keys are easy to visit so you can experience a taste of what was portrayed on the show. We’re sure that the show filmed at dozens of other locations throughout the Keys…did you spot some more? Let us know!