Poem…”A Keys Day” by Marlene Willard

A Keys Day

The start of a day in the Florida Keys,

begins with the swaying of the graceful palm trees.

While through the louvers the sun is peeping,

and with a smile I awake from sleeping.

Another great day is what I expect,

as I sip my hot coffee on the warm sun filled deck.

Some kayakers and boaters pass us right by,

as the pelicans circle in the clear azure sky.

My brother gets the boat ready with the poles, bait and chum,

and we’re off to the Gulf for a day full of fun.

The water sparkles as if strung with bright lights,

so I cast toward the chum line and kept my line tight.

Then, wham! All of a sudden I had a big whopper,

“keep your tip up and hold on” said my brother.

We lost this big fish because the strand was to fine,

So we thought to outsmart them by using wire line.

I wonder if it is possible after years of being caught,

the fish are getting wiser, perhaps they’ve been taught.

Because after the change they still cut our line,

could they have learned that skill after some time?

Though there was just the two of us we had 4 lines in the sea,

one was rigged for bigger game you never know what may be.

A larger hook, a heavy line, and bait six inches long,

when we heard the reel dragging we knew it was strong.

He worked very hard, sweat pouring down his face,

He thought it might be a shark, who’s going to win this great race?

The line went slack, so he sadly reeled it back in,

the fish bit off the bait, it had a free meal and good swim.

A few got away but we landed several winners,

so we fillet them for a fry and all had great dinners.

We dined on the porch while the sun began to descend,

another great day in the Keys has come to an end.

“A Keys Day” written by Marlene Willard