Florida Keys Home Decor

Florida Keys home decor has become widely recognized for their unique style. Hallmarks of a keys house include colorful siding, hurricane shutters, white trim and plentiful greenery. It’s an aesthetic that is evocative of the laid back, sunny lifestyle the people of the Keys enjoy.

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Coastal homes of the north & northeast often take a nautical direction while those of the west coast and other parts of Florida are more sleek and modern. The look of the Keys blends these seafaring styles to make something uniquely their own. Coastal but light, tropical but vintage. Whether you’re actually in the Keys, on a different shoreline, or somewhere in between – taking decor inspiration from our islands can be a great way to add a sunny, easy-going energy to your home that you can enjoy year-round.

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Back to Nature:

One element you will most certainly see in many traditional Keys-style houses is bringing the outdoors in. This includes using a lot of natural woods and specifically light materials like wicker and bamboo.

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There are plentiful options for wicker chairs, stools and seating but also consider thinking outside the box and incorporating these natural elements with things like end tables, window treatments, and lighting.

Pastels and Patterns:

Use of pastels and other light, airy colors can be seen widely throughout Keys homes, both on the inside and on the outside. Don’t be afraid to experiment with non-traditional colors like pinks, yellows, and turquoise.

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Making a bright color or tropical pattern the focal point of your room instead of an accent will immediately give the space a Keys-like appearance.

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Go Green:

A finishing touch that will definitely complete your Florida Keys inspired home decor is adding some green into your space. This is most easily and authentically done by adding plants, specifically ones with large, green leaves that mimic the style of palms or banana leaves which are native to a humid, tropical climate.

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Adding real greenery or even artwork of plants will add to the natural, tropical feel that is signature of Florida Keys houses.

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There are many home & garden stores in the area that offer furnishings, decorations, plants, pottery, and other basic home needs and finishing touches to help you achieve this unique look. If you’re local you can hunt for larger pieces or if you’re visiting you can check them out to bring a little piece of the Keys back with you and add it into your space at home.

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