Fitness in the Keys…Unplugging from Technology

Maximize the Benefits of UNPLUGGING From Technology


How often are you “plugged” in – to a computer, tablet, smartphone and or even just the TV?  If you’re like the average person, you could be spending nearly half of any given day using electronic devices that are feeding you information of choice.

Subtract the suggested 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night, and you’re left with just a few waking hours (if that) to get regenerated, or simply put – to get unplugged. Read on for some smart ideas for maximizing the benefits of unplugging from technology.

The clincher is that regardless of what you’re plugged into, there can and most likely will be ramifications if you get too much. Overuse of electronic devices may adversely affect you mentally as well as physically.

Digest Your “Digital Food”

This raises the question as to whether you’re getting all that you want from those precious plugged-in hours by allowing whatever it is you consumed to digest properly. Think of this in terms of food. With food, you don’t really get the benefits of what you eat until it’s digested properly. And, as we all know, the higher the quality of the food, the easier it is to digest and the more it benefits our bodies.

Similarly, we need to make sure that our “digital food” is of value to us – and then we need to give our minds time to digest it by “unplugging.” There are many benefits of unplugging ourselves to the non-stop barrage of information we are subjected to on a daily basis. And, these are uniquely similar to some of the many benefits that exercise provides.

Unplugging allows us to rest our minds, sleep better, improve our interpersonal communications, relieve stress, and one of my personal favorites – improve the overall quality of our lives.

Scheduled Exercise Maximizes the Benefits of Unplugging

When you schedule regular exercise into your week, you experience the benefits of both fitness and unplugging. It’s a win-win! Getting into a sound, regular routine of exercise is one of, if not the best, ways to get unplugged.

This month, we’ll be using our blog to help with ideas for incorporating movement into your day, establishing a routine, and/or refreshing your workouts with some new ideas. Regardless of how much you choose to be plugged in, make sure you make time to give your body and your brain a break – and then make it a regular routine.

Thanks Cornerstone Clubs and author Theresa Whitcomb

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